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  • How to Keep Wild Animals Out of My Garbage Cans?

How to Keep Wild Animals Out of My Garbage Cans?

Illinois wildlife, living near human’s premises adapted to the current situation and learned how to use an easy access to food, water and living area. All these three conditions are provided by humans in their homes and surroundings.

Wild animals and garbage cans
Wild Chicago animals usually look for food around the human premises and one of the most common places they find food are human garbage. The animals enjoy the smell of fresh food, compost and other eatable things in the trash cans. An opened or loosen garbage can it´s like an open invitation to Illinois homeowners that didn´t properly take care of their trash.

If you want to avoid, picking up the trash from your Illinois lawn every morning, then you need to make a pest-proof garbage can.
• First of all, you may reconsider the possibility of keeping the garbage can inside, within a pest-free fenced area and placed it outside only on the morning when garbage has been picked up.
• You can also keep the garbage cans above the ground; bins with handles can be placed on a hook. This solution prevents the animals, such as raccoon for instance, to tip over the can and knocking open the lid.
• Make sure your garbage always remains clean and properly sorted. Put the material into a right pin and keep the bin washed and not filthy from the outside. Otherwise, the smell will attract unwanted Chicago guests.
• Animals enjoy the compost, therefore, seal your compost bin and even put a padlock on it if necessary.

How to make a pest proof garbage bin?
To prevent Chicago raccoons and other wildlife from invading your trash cans, you need to make a secure, pest-proof garbage bin. With some help o deterrents and physical barrier you may succeed to prevent wild animals from going through your garbage. Especially raccoons can be very persistent in their attempts of getting the food. The trash should be placed in the bags and the bags tied shut. Use some ammonia diluted in water, soap and spray outside of the garbage bin with the solution. Be careful not to overfill the container. Otherwise, you won´t be able to shut the lid completely. Close the lid as tightly as possible and weight it down with a big rock. Another possibility of keeping the lid on the can, even when being tipped over, is to tie it up with some sort of highly durable or highly resistant cord. The lid on the garbage bin can also be shut tight and locked with a lock pad. Put some more deterrent under the trash can, to discourage the Illinois animals from getting inside. Hopefully, all this precaution measurement will help you, waking up in a beautiful morning with cleaned up surroundings. To learn more about our services, visit the Chicago wildlife removal home page.

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